Vintage Village Ahmedabad

Attributes: Around the City

How come you have not visited this “one of the best places to visit” in Ahmedabad?

You might have heard about it from a friend but have you been there yourself YET? If not, let me tell you – you are missing something. Something really GREAT. I mean how many of us DO NOT love vintage cars? Vintage Village has a collection of more than 100 vintage cars – Chrysler, Rolls-Royce, Morris, Fiat (oh, the list is lengthy).

Make sure you have enough time in hand if you really want to ‘relish’ Vintage Village. One of its kind of place in India – probably among top 10 vintage car collection that India might have. You can also ride in one of 2 vintage cars that they have kept for this reason. If you can’t visit Vintage Village here’s a preview of the awesome vintage collection !

Address -
Vintage Village
Dastan Farm,
Saradar Patel Ring Road,
Near Kathwada Circle, Kathwada,
Ahmedabad-382 430.

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