V.K.N Interior Designers: Make In India

MAKE IN INDIA! This is the concept that V.K.N Interior Designers work with! 

What we like about this team is that their signature style is to not have one. If you are their client, you could expect the unexpected and the unusual. The only constants are a refreshing perspective and a wholehearted openness to experimentation. Their projects are rich in visual details with an eye on the customer's budget as well.

Leading to innovations & ideas through the latest technology, their main concept is PRO-INTERIOR, which is accepted everywhere these days. Their basic funda is to ensure that when customers approach them, they are not the cliché interior designers but, they tend to save their valuable money, while being utterly satisfied with the work as well. When it comes to any dealers for that matter, they will make sure that the transactions go through with crystal clear transparency!

V.K.N Interior Designers undertakes turn-key projects, which are at budget rate and covers every nook & corner of the space but, they have a speciality for luxury Residential, Commercial & Recreational Interiors as well. Along-with the same, they also have a keen eye for MURALS as well.

Once the project is done, do not assume that their work is done! They look forward to keeping good relations with their clients and are ever-so-ready in case any problems arise. May it be, decorating your new space or re-decorating one; V.K.N Interior Designers can surely nail the same. Cheers.

Address: VKN Interior Designers, 13, 2nd Floor, Agrawal Mall, opposite Sola Bhagwat, S.G. Highway, Ahmedabad.

Contact: Krishna Patel +91-9558976236, +91-9426767217

Email: vknid@yahoo.com
You can also follow them on https://www.facebook.com/VKNinteriordesigners

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