W-Trunk online portal for Women

Are you a woman entrepreneur? Or are you an aspiring woman entrepreneur?
Well, if you fall in any of these brackets then there is a company ‘The W-Project’ - a privately owned start-up who has taken up the task of giving access to greater business opportunities specifically for women entrepreneurs.
As a company, they have planned series of activities. They are embarking their first step by launching an amazing online shopping portal www.thewtrunk.com.
The W-Trunk online portal is for women entrepreneurs to expand their reach many folds and grow their businesses. It’s a one of a kind portal built By women, For women! The portal will act as a 24/7*365 online exhibition and will help out these women to go big in business.

We encourage you to get on the portal for a hassle free selling and buying experience.

From the other activities in their to-do list for the coming month, they are organizing an event called ‘W-Trunk’ happening on 4th to 6th March.

W-Trunk is an exhibition which will be a platform for women entrepreneurs from different walks of life to showcase their talents and products along with fun and entertainment. The W-Trunk will provide women from across the country an opportunity to display their work and craftsmanship in the areas of Fashion, Home Decor, Jewellery, Creative Arts and Food Products etc.
Talking about the scale, the event is encouraging around 100 women entrepreneurs and is happening in the heart of the city for shopping that will attract affluent shoppers from Ahmedabad. The W-Trunk has also organized a lot of wellness and welfare workshops. There will be series of food stalls to satisfy your food hunger and not to forget, there will be loads of music and entertainment for making it a complete fun filled day.

Shopping, Food, Live Bands, Learning, Plays, Kids Workshop is how we would like to describe this event.
What are you waiting for? Block your calendars.
Dates: 4th to 6th March
Venue: Ahmedabad Haat, Near Vastrapur Lake
Timings: 4 p.m. to 11 p.m.

Priyadarshini Rathore - +91 9925 000 442

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