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Being an Amdavadi, TEA is something that we have lived up drinking and a brand that goes simultaneously with tea is the all favourite WAGH BAKRI! And to rid you off the stress of everyday's monotony, Wagh Bakri Tea Group have come up with a WAGH BAKRI TEA LOUNGE on the ever-so-bustling lane of St. Xavier's College. Serving 45 types of Tea under one roof, their Signature Tea Lounge makes for a great place for tea lovers of all age groups to relax over a cuppa and mouth watering snacks.

Open right from 7 in the morning till late in the evening, you can grab a cup anytime of the day that you deem fit. Entering the Tea Lounge is magnificent. Plush chairs nestled underneath lights with a wide screen projecting just about everything you please. If you have been looking for an apt tea room that allure your senses then surely this is the place for, they take Tea very seriously with a list longer than most restaurants' beverage lists consisting of an array of blends ranging from your regular Masala Chai to the interesting Moroccan Tea as well.

The staff & service at the Lounge is at par with their tea - Superb! The waiters maintain the right balance between attentiveness & giving us some space and unlike other places, you won't feel your time is up despite the fact you might slurped some of their tasty beverages down and as to what delectables you should opt for, keep an eye out for we will bringing more of the WAGH BAGH TEA LOUNGE every week. Cheers.

Address: WAGH BAKRI TEA LOUNGE, Aaryan Work Spaces, near St. Xavier's College Corner, Navrangpura, Ahmedabad

Contact: +91-8347771700

Timings - 7 am to 11 pm

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