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‘So what exactly is the Story?’
“To be honest, it was my Mom’s idea. She wanted to start a cafe.”
“So, my dad instead asked me to come up with something on wheels. And, since I’m an Automobile Engineer- I was convinced, right then.”
‘When was this?’
“Oh this was back in 2017”
“So, I designed a wagon, and we started serving during evenings at the end of Sindhu Bhavan Road - Outside Monte Cristo.”
‘Great. What happened next?’
“We got a great response right from the start. And, soon we shifted to another place- an open ground. I think it is now Shott’s Parking space. After this, we took a leap of faith and decided to get into SBR Social.”
‘Did it work out well?’
“Absolutely. People loved our coffees! Soon, we started with a franchise outlet on PDPU Road first and a place in Urban Chowk”
“And, finally my mom’s dream came true- We opened our own cafe. The only thing that has not changed throughout, is our coffees and Amdavadis’ appreciation for it.”
‘Where is your cafe’
“I’m sending you the details on WA.”
Address: Pure Beans & Creams Cafe, GF-4, Sun Avenue One, NR. Shreyash Foundation, Between Shyamal -Manekbaug Road
Time: 2 to 11 PM
Call: 07948983666 / 9601267273

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