War Chhod Na Yaar Movie Review

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Touted to be India’a first war comedy ‘War Chod Na Yaar’ is a satirical and a new entry in the Bollywood industry. The film has been low on promotions however it has made its presence felt. An apparently different storyline is the film’s USP. Moreover, with Ranbir Kapoor’s ‘Besharam’ bombing at the box office, the film hopes to hit a bull’s eye. A humorous war movie idea is definitely something which will make lot of people go for this movie.

The actors did a praiseworthy job. Sharman Joshi is man in command as he adds one more good show in his bank. Javed Jaafery displays a good show in total. And my favorite, Sanjay Mishra, seamlessly exhibits his talent in ‘War Chhod Na Yaar’.

Some episodes of the movie have been wonderfully shot and it will surely make you laugh at many occasions. In the middle of the crackling tension of Indo-Pak differences, there suddenly comes the cackling sound of loud laughter breaking the serious silence of the war scene where ammunition is aimed at both ends. Army captains of two opposite countries i.e. India and Pakistan are often showed exchanging jokes; passing one liners of one another’s country’s, the cross-border antakshari, though predictable, is absolutely fun to watch. The film is shot in the Rajasthan deserts serves the film’s locational purpose creating a battle-ground realistically. Rather than taking shots of battleground images, the director goes easy on gunshots and motivates audience to focus more on the personal interaction between soldiers from both sides.

War Chhod Na Yaar is a film with a large heart. ‘Hate war, not the people involved’ seems to be the subtle slogan of this anti-war satire.

All in all, 3 shors for this movie. Why? Well, the biggest reason is to experiment and introducing a new genre to Bollywood world.

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