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Warcraft—a movie based on the staggeringly popular series of video games—is neither the worst movie ever made nor the greatest but it surely is not going to please the audience.
I could admire the high fantasy Jones brought into place. Rather than go for “realism” like Lord of the Rings, Jones embraces the weirdness and high fantasy aspect, and it’s absolutely thrilling. I was completely on board with the human-smashing, orc-hammering, bird-flying, spell-casting goodness on display. 
I also have to give special attention to the astounding visual effects. The orcs look absolutely incredible, and the only time I was ever taken out of the movie was when I was far away and looking at a CGI horde smash up against another CGI horde. Up close and personal, the orcs are photo-real, and Jones takes the time to let us sit with their emotions. 
As far as the story line goes, Warcraft greedily wants to have all the plots, but in trying to service everyone, it ends up helping no one. Character motivations become muddled and some characters are described as interesting or have the potential to become interesting, but instead remain basic. I admire Jones’ attempt to show both sides of the conflict and make us sympathize with the orcs, but because the orcs are underdeveloped, his attempt comes up short. With such scattershot storytelling, it’s difficult to latch on to anyone, and while some actors give better performances than others, we still want to know them better. 
But if you are someone who has gone for hard core or loads of actions, you are surely going to be disappointed. Its a long story line with more focus on emotions. The awaited game lovers may also get disappointed largely from the same point of view. 
I wouldn’t go so far to call Warcraft a good movie. It’s crushed under its own ambition but it earns points just for being bold and different in an increasingly homogenized landscape. And while Warcraft suffers from throwing too much at the audience, its going to be interesting if they make a sequel. 

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