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Cinema is an excellent form of art that can depict things, in subtle as well as harsh ways, as seen in the eyes of the makers! Given that our society is faced with a number of issues that belong to the society itself, some people decide to get into the matter and clean it themselves by spreading awareness in ways that not just entertains but leaves behind a thought to integrate the message in their lives. Here is one such collaboration called the CINEMA GHAR which is a film screening initiative by Conflictorium and Drishti that's happening today and tomorrow at Conflictorium.

Although, they do not wish to focus on mainstream cinema, and want to only bring into light those films, that rise behind curtains of film festivals and not multiplexes. 

Conflictorium is a museum situated in Mirzapur, old Ahmedabad, is a building that absorbs art and culture to depict these social messages, and emit the same , to be absorbed by viewers' mind and soul! These screenings are moderated by eminent people of various backgrounds and the movies are curated by Mr. Debarun Dutta of Drishti with support from team Conflictorium. He is also joined with the partner  Radio Nazariya 108.7 FM, a station that tunes in with the same cause. 

So this entire team, have put together, two amazing screenings in the coming two days. On the 5th of August, is scheduled a Bengali documentary named Bakita Byaktigoto, which can be re-named as the line of horizon between reality and fantasy. A simple and grounded story of a young film-maker in search for love, and the journey he stumbles upon while doing so is what director Pradipta Bhattacharyya had envisioned. This vision was awarded the title 'Best Feature Film in Bengali' at the 61st National Film Awards. Be a part of this saga, and come back thinking about how time went by, and that too so blissfully! 

If you cannot get enough of one, the 6th of August has also been dedicated to the screening of "5 Broken Cameras", directed by Emad Burnat and Guy Davidi, a movie that has won several awards including the International Emmy Award in the year 2013. This is the story of how 5 broken camera's, and their stories coming in the hands of two film-makers who create one film out of it! The movie reflects the turmoil of one family set up in the village of Bil'in, that depicts the Palestine Israel conflict This Academy Award nominated movie will be screened on this Sunday, and it is not worth a miss! 

Here's a quick recap about the where and when's; and both screenings require no passes and is free for cinema lovers! 

5th August: Bakita Byaktigoto (Bengali)
Time: 06.30-09.00 PM
6th August: 5 Broken Cameras
Time: 06.30 PM ( 94 minutes)
Venue:- Conflictorium, Gool Lodge, opposite R.C.High School of Commerce, Delhi Chakla, Ahmedabad, India -380001 

Author Credit: Hemali Adhiya

Tags: cinemaghar

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