Watch IPL on Big screen with new arrivals at Ristretto!

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WATCH IPL LIVE ON A BIG SCREEN with dishes like Maggi Pizza, Popcorn Ice tea, Pan Takka Tak Milkshake, Red Bull Based Mocktail & More!


Take out your calendars and note the match days of your favourite teams and get ready to cheer along with your friends!


The most happening and the prefered hangout spot of youngsters - Ristretto - Behind the Rods now SCREENS IPL LIVE! And they are here with New Summer Arrivals in menu! Here is a glimpse-


Garden demi skillet- The pick of the menu!

Maggie Pizza- It is as much delicious and quirky as it sounds!

Ristretto Wrap - The perfect gobble up while watching the match!


Beverages to sip on, while watching the match-

Red Bull Based mocktail- the energy levels should never reduce!

Popcorn Ice Tea- It is not a typo, you are reading it right! It is Popcorn Iced Tea!


Notable mentions- Regular Hot Chocolate and Raspberry Bull, Pan taka tak milkshake!


Not at all hungry? Try their new Pastries- Ferrero rocher, Chocolate truffle & Black Forest!


Call- 81401 83183 / 99259 07943

Address- GF, Maharaja Palace B-, Opp. Rasranjan, Vijay Cross Roads

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