Water Sports gear at Decathlon

Who cares about the summer? That’s what people who play sports say and think! Yes, we Ahmedabadi people are ready to bear this heat but not ready to leave playing our favourite sport even for a day!

Who encourages us? Well, there are people around us who encourage but today we are talking about the biggest store that encourages a lot, Decathlon! You have heard about it many times from the same source of course; Cityshor. It’s so huge that one article is not enough! So we decided to talk about their departments! They are Sports Departments by the way!

And today, it’s about water sports and team sports!

First comes the Water Sports: Well, we didn’t know that we get so many things for water sports! We just thought about Swimming Costume or Scuba diving wet suits but here comes the surprise. The two brands displayed at Decathlon are Tribord and Nabaiji. They are dedicatedly the Swimming and Water Sports brand of Oxylane network based in Hendaye, France with three time Olympic Medallist Yannick Agnel as their technical partner and entire team that is made of swimmers.

Nabaijii focuses on Swimming products and Tribord provides products for water sports such as Surfing, Body boarding, Snorkeling, Beach Kites, Frisbee and Kayaks. All these products are for all ages and sizes! The most interesting part is Underwater MP3 Player! Yes, you can now swim and listen to the music. Also, the other innovative products are Aqua Gym and Fatigue-less swimming costumes. So far, we Ahmedabadis didn’t know about such innovative things!

Moving on to Team Sports, it includes sports like cricket, Rugby, Football, Hockey, Softball, Baseball & Basketball. Looking for any equipment related to any of these sports Decathlon is the place. The brand name is Kipsta. Originated in Lille, France, Kipsta is the brand that produces equipment for team sports and their latest addition after coming to India, ; FLX Cricket. Kipsta provides elegant solutions to enjoy team sports everywhere with products like portable goal posts that can be folded in a backpack with radius ofless than 1 feet, Ultra-portable Volleyball posts and net, mini double action ball pump that fills air inside the ball even when you are pulling the lever back, Detachable basketball ring and much more.

This is not it! You will find different type of Shoes for all the games depending on the pitch of that particular sport! You may also find different types of shoes for the same sport! Yes, visiting Decathlon is truly a great experience!

We are sure this place can encourage a lot of people to play not only Cricket but discover many other amazing sports!

Decathlon | Next to Applewoods township, Sardar Patel Ring Rd, Amdavad, Gujarat 380058. Mo: 9726269792

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