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A gift from Rishikesh to Ahmedabad : experience HOT,  freshly baked, Live cookies at Zoola Cafe.


Have you ever been to Rishikesh? For those who have travelled to this enchanted place would have experienced the LIVE COOKIES. Right from this enchanted land, Bake & Flake brings to you the flavours of Rishikesh, right to Ahmedabad! Move beyond the packed bakery cookies and dig your teeth into some tender and hot cookies.


While you are at Zoola Cafe, the newest and the most frequented cafe now a days, go ahead and experience the new taste of freshly baked cookies!


2, Setur Bungalows, Opp. Drive-In Cinema, in Lane of Reliance Mart.| Contact- 99989 59099


There’s always a charm of seeing things cooked right before you relish. The preparations, the aroma, the entire process, it all seems like a beautiful song played right before you. Bake & Flake recreates this magic and invites you to experience this feeling.


While the Cookies are freshly made from dough right before your eyes, and then placed into the oven to bake, the aroma of the cookies being baked will rejuvenate your senses and then once the moment arrives, and you are treated with HOT cookies, you won’t be able to resist the temptations of digging on to these!


Of course, that’s not about it, Zoola café has a super awesome ambiance & snacks to ensure your tummy is taken care of.


Spoiler Alert: Take due care while you take the cookies, they are so tender that they might break off and melt in your mouth, even before you think of chewing on it!


Address- 2, Setur Bungalows, Opp. Drive-In Cinema, in Lane of Reliance Mart.

Contact- 99989 59099

Follow them on FB at: https://www.facebook.com/bakenflakecafe/

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