What's life without a Donut

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What’s life without a Donut

That’s right. Ahmedabad had been missing on the essential. All this years and heartfelt prayers, the God’s of Sweet snack valley have finally blessed us.  The festivities might be over, but trust us, the celebrations have just begun.

Ahmedabad get ready to celebrate, we now have our very own Donut café. The next best thing to happen in Apnu Ahmedabad. CDC (Canadian Donut Company), has opened its newest branch in Ahmedabad. As a matter of pride, Ahmedabad has been chosen amongst cities like Mumbai, Pune, Vadodara, Surat and many others to be the city where they want to open their first Doughnut café. Rejoice Ahmedabad, for we are Foodies and the best at that!!!

CityShor visited the CDC outlet on Bodakdev. CDC is located at, A-1/2, Sankalp Building, Oppsite Choice Resturant, JudgesBunglow road, Bodakdev. PH 079-40071525/9978891525.  We had our hands full on the donuts but just couldn’t stop at one. CDC serves, around 40 varieties of donuts. With full credits to the taste and quality of Donuts, we tried nearly half of the varieties they had.

I mean, where else can you hog on to a doughnut at 40-50 Rs / Piece.

The best of the picks are nominated for your taste buds:

Spider web

It’s an artesian spider design on donut topped with dark chocolate and white chocolate web and a stomach full filling of coco hazelnut Nutella in it.

Pizza Delight

An Italian savory with creamy cheese and Italian spices toped over it.

Sweet Cinnamon

This old fashioned donut is a hit all round the year. Coffee lovers now have their favorite coffee partner, topped with sugar and Cinnamon.

Oreo Delight

A donut ring topped with Swiss white chocolate & Classics crushed Oreo layered over it.

Raspberry Ripple

A round donut filled with Raspberry filling and scribbled with strawberry and raspberry lining.

If you are not sure about what donut to relish on, don’t worry, they help you choose and suggest you a combo of Donuts and coffee.  Trust us, there is nothing more blissful then a donut and a coffee. We could had munched our way to glory had it not been for the time constraint.

We wanted to write more but to get occupied reading about it, when you can go there and treat yourself to a Donut. So this weekend, indulge in the Donut Experience.

Address: CDC is located at, A-1/2, Sankalp Building, Oppsite Choice Resturant, JudgesBunglow road, Bodakdev. PH 079-40071525/9978891525.

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