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What The Fish!, walks on the same lines of Bheja Fry, Phans Gaye Re Obama, Delhi Belly, Fukrey, n many others like these.

The movie opens with a mid aged, self irritated woman, Sudha Mishra (Dimple Kapadia) coming to her house after a month to find white-robed, wild-haired banshee fleeing out of the door. How is that possible? How did this happen? The remaining movie explains the turnout of events.

Sudha asks her niece to look after her house for month. Her niece delegates the this responsibity to her boyfriend cum fiancée who is a kind of ‘yes man’ guy. With the turnout of crazy events, the movie starts appealing due to the craziness of characters and situations.
But sooner the situations become quite common and repetitive that the film does not hold your attention. The director and writers have tried to do something crazy, but in this effort the audience gets bored to the core.

The director (Gurmmeet Singh) had a bunch of amazing actors to deliver those Delhi characters. The actors like Dimple Kapadia, Manu Rishi, Manjot Singh, etc do add that zing to their character, but the predictable plot and a straight script makes those efforts flat.

The dialogues, especially in Haryanvi accent, are amazing! They are totally lifted from Dilli Street lingo. Most of the story happens in and around one house, so one tends to get bored after a while with the same house and same sub-plots all of which are half-baked.

We give it 1 shor out of 5 shors! A bunch of good actors wasted in one single film, NOT DONE!

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