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White House Down is an action movie starring Channing Tatum and Jamie Fox. It’s a story about a group of terrorist blowing up the Capitol and Taking over the White House. John Cale (Channing Tatum) is a divorced soldier who just returns from duty and decides to take his daughter (Joey King) to the white house as she is a huge fan of politics and The President. John Cale has an interview with secret service – bad news, he doesn’t get the job. But just when he’s about to go, the white house is attacked by a group of Terrorist. Cale is forced to prove on the spot how qualified he is for the job by protecting his daughter and The President – Sawyer (Jamie Foxx)!

Roland Emmerich knows how to blow up stuff with the spectacular effects. And that’s what you came to see right? The villains are many and most of them paper thin and their motivations unclear altogether.  Instead of being serious, it has the ridiculous spirit of the best action movies, taking a note from one of the classics – Die Hard – almost scene for scene! The most stupid scene was the White House front lawn SUV chase. If you’re looking for a big dumb fun mindless popcorn movie — and there’s nothing wrong about it — then White House Down is just for you.

Rating 3 Shor

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