Witness an explored Heritage Palace like no other

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Witness an unexplored Heritage Palace like no other, when you make your way down to UDAIBILAS PALACE, Dungarpur. Nestled between serene blue river waters and gorgeous hills, the luxury hub is placed 180 kms from Ahmedabad, en route to Udaipur, making for a wondrous experience to partake in.
To inquire, call: 9314653967

-About Udaibilas
The palace was enlarged in the year 1940 and entails its heritage just so raw even today. The art and style of the palace takes us back to the 1900's with English carvings throughout. The palace is an architectural extravaganza with intricate carvings and beautifying fixtures. The heir of the heritage palace still entails a part in the palace. 

-Attractions at Udaibilas

Swimming Pool
The water body has been created following inspiration of infinity pool- with various art fixtures around it. The heighted palace owns an extraordinarily relaxing area close to the pool with mountain view surrounding it. The greatest attraction of the pool is that the space gives that open and serene environment to relax for an x number of hours

Hydraulic Vintage Cafe
This cafe owns some brilliant rarely seen, A rated Vintage cars and bikes placed while entering the cafe. That takes us to the location of hydraulic cafe; hydraulic- the bar area in the cafe is made in a way that is capable of taking people sitting in that area to a certain height. Also, in the cafe with some refreshing alcoholic drinks are the beautiful interiors that give a vintage feel with a modern  touch. 

This heritage palace owns a dining area not explored a lot in the country. A seating of more than 20 people with dim lights, rose petals in water body-centre of the dining table and an artistic developed tall walls make dinner a unique and a one time experience all together. Elegant and classy! 

Heritage Rooms
The rooms of Udaibilas Palace have been given a raw effect of an experience of early 90's with floral walls, wooden carved beds, gigantic washrooms, huge mirrors and intricately carved carpets. 

Since the palace area is huge, varied species of animals and birds are kept.
The museum developed there, shall clear all your doubts about dungarpur and the palace. 

For a weekend getaway, there now seems to be a no better place than to experience this heritage property- placed just 3 hours away from Ahmedabad.

Address: UDAIBILAS PALACE, Dungarpur, Rajasthan - 314001.

Contact: +91-9314653967

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