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Attributes: Decor, Upholstery & Carpets, Cushion & Throws, Decor Pieces

Don't miss out on this ethnic shopping fiesta from the 20th till the 24th of December opposite Rajpath Club, S. G. Highway by Craftroots, an initiative of Gramshree, which is a unique platform to showcase the best of craftsmanship from Gujarat.

More often than not, we end up having our carbon copies in the crowd. People who dress up alike / style alike. How do we stand out in the crowd? This dilemma has haunted us since a long time. But No more, here comes a chance to be different than others.

At Craft Roots, a range of products awaits your choicest of indulgence in Accessories, Apparels, Home Furnishings, Home Décor, and much more. This exhibition is not jazzy and glittery like others but ethnic & contemporary and one of its kinds.  So now, you don’t have to go all the way to Kutch or any other city of Gujarat because the artists from all over Gujarat are in Ahmedabad to showcase their products.

Don’t just shop at this exhibition, enjoy live performances and Cherish on the delicacies.

Through 27 wide varieties of craft forms, Craftroots create awareness in market about the skills, time and creativity that artisans invest into their craft. They connect Artisans, NGOs, Self-Help Groups, Corporations, Design & Management Institute, Individuals and Experts such as designers, educators, students, and customers so that they can interrelate in a better and productive way.

Don’t miss to visit this exhibition, which will be there from the 20th to the 24th of December opposite Rajpath Club, S. G. Highway

Timings: 11 am to 8 pm

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