Witness KITSCH BY NIK’s accessories at WEEKEND WINDOW!

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Lighting the torch of a new era of jewellery, Kitsch by Nik is all set for a breathtaking display of its finest feet accessories, quirky neckpieces and more only at WEEKEND WINDOW 10th EDITION on 23rd, 24th and 25th of December from 4 pm to midnight at the green YMCA lawns, S G Highway!

Kitsch by Nik believes in being distinctive and the owner, Nirjari Shah abides by the same in whatever she so painstakingly produces. A trendsetter in all sense of the word, the brand’s products reflect the love for antiques and heritages like no other.

This time around, the brand brings to you beautiful neckpieces & feet accessories that are exclusively designed for a few shows. These accessories are made keeping Indian tradition in mind & will give you a perfect contemporary look to stand out in the crowd.

Talking about their necklaces she has used some perfectly chosen colour combinations & Indian cotton fabric or German silver banjara pendants with colourful cotton ropes that are perfect to wear on any plain garment. Whether you wear Indian, Western or contemporary, these necklaces would suit any style effortlessly! Also characteristic and unique is their wooden block jewellery, probably for the first time in India! Contemplated for months, it's always a game of trials & errors & then is the birth of a masterpiece that is this KITSCH product. So far used for printing on the clothes, these intricately carved blocks are graceful and beautiful.

They launched these neck pieces in Mumbai & the response in overwhelming. Not just these block neck pieces, their other pieces are also to die for. Have a look & visit them at WEEKEND WINDOW without fail!

Dates: 23-24-25 December
Time: 4 pm to midnight
Venue: Green YMCA Lawns, S.G. Highway, Ahmedabad.
Contact: 9601457543


Tags: Witness KITSCH BY NIK’s accessories at WEEKEND WINDOW!

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