Witness the latest designs by DESI KALAKAR & AMAL KRISHNA

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A good design is the one that compliments and highlights the beauty of women and that’s exactly what the ensembles laid out by DESI KALAKAR and AMAL KRISHNA talk about. The luxe labels are all set with their exhibition, that takes place TODAY & TOMORROW (13th & 14th August), between 10:30 am to 7:30 pm, at Showcase Exhibition Gallery, G2/2 Indraprasth Corporate, besides Bandhej, opp Venus Atlantis, Prahladnagar.

Talking about what awaits you:

DESI KALAKAR | Contact: 8141261256

The label is all about rejuvenating traditional Indian crafts to cope up with modern world's requirements, they offer all hand loom based, hand embroidered and hand crafted range of contemporaries women's clothing, accessories and footwear.
Desi Kalakar gives you a wondrous fusion of both traditional and contemporary; providing a complete package of flawless cuts, details, and uniqueness, in each of their products.

AMAL KRISHNA | Contact: 7359100869

The designer brand offers contemporary-chic, sophisticated, and affordable styles for the varying days in your life. From heavy detailing on printed fabric to handmade contemporary jewellery, ranging from neck pieces to rings - AMAL KRISHNA showcases it all.
At the exhibit, the brand has laid out a diverse and distinct array of moods and tones, which they feel represent India.

With festivities around the corner it’s only obligatory to adorn yourselves in the most fashionable and chicest way possible. Making it mandatory for you to make a window for this exhibition. Cheers.

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