Women clothing at Super Sasta price

Attributes: Clothing, Tops/T-shirts, Bottoms/Trousers, Frocks/Gowns, Shirts, Indo-Western

CityShor brings to you one of the super-sasta women clothing store’s in Ahmedabad.

We Ahmedabadis or for that matter people across world just love discounts, don’t we? An SMS on your phone that says flat 50% off discount, and you drop into that store the very next moment. Well, what if we tell you that there is a store in Ahmedabad which is like all the time on discounts – well, not literally they don’t give discounts throughout the year but the cost of the products are just so dirt-cheap! 

This shop’s price range starts just from Rs. 160/- | Believe it because it’s true. Doubting their collection? Well check out the pictures yourself. What do they have? – right from tees, bottoms, shirts, palazzos, skirts, shorts, party outfits and what not. 

Store this address forever as you will need it throughout the year. 

And here is the address :

Take straight from cafe Where We Meet towards helmet cross roads. Just after few metres you will see a shop which has a board stating - Denim at Rs. 150. Stop there and get in.

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