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It’s Friday evening and for us Ahmedabadi’s there is nothing exciting than to look forward for a yummylicious weekend.  Today, we present you with the ‘World Cuisine’ at Numeron.  So this time, we made it simpler for you to read. How? Just identify which kind of a foodie you are and read what’s in it. Simple, isn’t it? No need to go through the entire stuff (unless, you love reading our write-up’s, wink wink). Also let us know which foodie category you belong to. 

Foodie Foodie | Foodies who just believe in the love for food

For the absolute foodie, well nothing to write to you guys. Just go and order anything. We assure you that the food at Numeron will make you fall in love with it. Never the less, we give you the pick of our experience.  Cottage Cheese oyster sauce chilly, Mozarella Nuggets and Ratatouille with rice. The perfect blend of taste and modern day cuisine, you will relish every food moment spent at Numeron.

Cautious Foodie | Foodies whose mind comes before the belly

Now for your folks, we suggest you try Mexican croquets, mozzarella nuggets, Mexican chilango or Mexican mafoshi, Mexican mafoshi sizzler or bell pepper corn crostini. A bit high on the Mexican flavours, but then you won’t complain. Just the right amount of spices and ingredients, nothing overcooked and pleasantly appealing. Many of us cautious foodies will find it interesting that Numeron is probably only one of the few joints in the city that serves you authentic world cuisine, so no need to think twice before relishing food here. Instead at Numeron, we might shift to a Foodie Foodie or being an experimental foodie.

Experimental Foodie | Foodies who love experimenting with cuisines

This group is my personal favourite. All tough I don’t belong here but then the way the experimental foodies enjoy food, surely makes me jealous. Anyways, for folks here Numeron will go beyond your expectations and please you. Carabbian green peas with goat cheese, Paneer karara Kabab, Shanghai Vegetable, Jalapeno Mozeralla Nuggets are the must try at Numeron.  If ordinary is boring for you folks, than the newness in the dishes mentioned with regards to flavours, ingredients and the appeal will just blow you mind. Nothing at Numeron will not appeal to you, unless you just not in a mood.


So without anymore of words we let you decide what kind of a foodie will you be this weekend. Just a small favour, let us also know which foodie category you belong to. Never know, if you among the majority, we might think of treating you folks. 

Address : Numeron: A1, Shivalik Business Centre, Opposite Kensville Golf Academy, Off SG Highway, Bodakdev, Ahmedabad. | Contact: 079-4009 9001 

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