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So far we have heard chemicals do bad to environment… but here is a twist:  Small little plants in cute test tubes half-filled with colorful chemicals. Sounds different? The chemicals are to keep the plants healthy and away from bacterial infection. The process is lengthy but it works. The unique part is that you don’t need to pour water or take care of it at all. You just need to buy if from X-plant & place it somewhere in proper sun light and your job is done.

This innovation is done by X-Plant. The Company is run by the biotechnology students of the final year, at St.Xaviers College to save the plants. Also, it’s for them to get hands on experience on how a company works and how they’ll work when they are recruited for some big companies.  In initial days father Principal Vincent Braganza was the CEO of X-plant but after suggestion from a student, he handed over to the students who now choose a CEO amongst them.

The technical process is that they carry out micro-propagation of plants in nutrient media in sterile conditions. Any part of the plant (X-Plant) is inoculated in a medium and allowed to grow. The plantlets thus obtained are presented in attractive and colorful media and require no manure, water or any other maintenance. All they require is ample “Light.” Currently they have experimented on 3 types of plants with success: Money Plant, Caldium and Cordyline. And as you all know that money plant brings prosperity and Cordyline brings good luck.

So of course you should gift these beautiful cute plants to your beloved ones and bring luck and prosperity in their life.

To buy these beautiful plants contact on 972560295, 9586720305 or 8734074157.

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