Year End Party Packages at Heritage Hills

Attributes: Hill Station, Weekend Getaway, Around the City

Take a detour from the monotonous sobriety on this New Year Eve! Go for a stay in Wooden Cottages at Heritage Hills! To book, call: 99797 00038 | 82382 00039


Located at just a distance of 2 hours from Ahmedabad, Heritage Hills is an experience that we constantly crave for! Here is why it is so special:

  • Stay atop hills, in Wooden Cottages

  • Liberty of Liquor & Hookah

  • Campfire, with Music system & DJ

  • Barbeque

  • Authentic Traditional Rajasthani Food!

  • Live Screening


And they are here with an exclusive Year End Package starting at only Rs.3500 per person!


Partying with your closer ones, in Wooden cottages, closest to the soul-soothing nature you can ever be, lavish living with the liberty of liquor, on a New Year Eve - this is an experience that we Amdavadis have only dreamed of till date! Heritage Hills is the destination where this turns to reality!


Call: 99797 00038 / 82382 00039

Address: At & Post- Behna, Nr. Kanba to Garmala Road, Binchhiwada to Dungarpur Highway, Dist. Dungarpur, Rajasthan

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