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You are forced to think if Ayan & Ranbir could have done better? The answer is Yes! Surely Yes.


For a movie that stars amazing actors like Ranbir, Deepika, Kalki & Aditya; directed by Ayan; produced by KJo … the expectation was just so high. Whether the movie lives up to the expectation – the answer is NO. You have seen and heard similar stories in past so nothing new, not even the treatment. Is it watchable? Depends on your taste, but mostly Yes – thanks to Ranbir.

Four friends go to Manali for an adventure trip. Deepika, the shy girl, falls in love with Ranbir, the “I-want-to-travel-the-world” guy towards the end of trip. Kalki loves Aditya, who is a drunkard (Aashiqui again!), but Aditya doesn’t know. Ranbir gets an opportunity to travel the world as a photographer, leaving behind his friends.


8 years later – Kalki is getting married; the friends reunite. No turns. No twists. Will Ranbir fall in love with Deepika this time and stay back for a lovely life thereafter? Your guess is as good as mine.

Ranbir makes you laugh (yes, he is always great at that) and pulls the movie for survival. Only if the movie was supported with faster & stronger storyline, better dialogues (a few of them wonderful though) and direction, it would have worked far better. By the time the movie ends, you are tired of the stretched story. The only high-point in the movie is the song – battamij dil! OKish movie overall. Watch it for Ranbir.

Rating 3 / 5.

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