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For us Gujarati’s, business is something which is very close to our hearts. A kid starts dreaming of owning his business since 8, Fathers looks for a businessman rather than a service man for their daughters. This is because all Gujarati’s share a passion for business. It is kind of like our default setting. And as Ahmedabad is being recognized as the business haven for small and medium scale businesses, a lot of aspiring entrepreneurs have flocked to the city and to keep track of all these businesses and to connect them with each other and their potential customers, there is a portal which has been working since past 25 years, that is, Yellow Pages.

Since 1988, yellow pages have helped meet buyers and sellers. It started off as a paper based telephone directory and now has become an online local search service that helps buyers quickly and conveniently find businesses while helping sellers improve the effectiveness of their marketing. It helps in fast and accurate search of desired product or service. It further gives you detailed information so that you can choose what’s best suits your requirements.

The above was from a buyer’s point of view. Now, as a business owner, one can reach to all kind and genre of customers and providing them with just what they need. It is also preferable as it is cost-effective and easy. A seller can upload pictures of their products, along with video and even catalogues. One can also announce offers and discounts and track their popularity. This is why Yellow Pages have always been one of the most preferred ways of marketing and connecting.

Yellow Pages Ahmedabad also has a toll free number where one can call and ask for the desired information and you can also drop a SMS and their operator will call you in a short while. This is convenience at its best.

Yellow Pages Ahmedabad may have moved from paper to internet but will always have a special place in an Amdavadi’s heart. One can still find an old copy of Yellow pages lying somewhere in the house because one simply does not throw Yellow Pages out.

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