Yogurtbay is now in Ahmedabad

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YOGURTBAY opens in Ahmedabad!
Light! Delicious! Simply the BEST Yogurt makers in town! The all famous venture serves eggless gourmet style frozen yogurt & waffles, all at Shop 7, Galaxy Bazaar Complex, Gurukul-Vastrapur Road, opp. Himalaya Mall.
The day we dropped by, the Mumbai brand was hosting glorious flavours of BLUEBERRY CHEESE CAKE | FRENCH VANILLA | STRAWBERRY | CHOCOLATE HAZELNUT, out of their limited yet, delicious gourmet array that changes everyday. Opt for any flavour and you get the luxury of choosing 2 Toppings for Free right from the classic Chocolate Fudge to crumbs of Red Velvet, to even bits of Fresh fruits, with a minimal charge for more.
We tried their Blueberry Cheesecake, topping it off Strawberry Bobas (Bubbles) and some Blueberry Sauce (sorry for the stupidity) but, nonetheless leading to an invigorating and a fun experience in all for, everytime the strawberry juice pops, it gives a sublime 'zing' in our mouth. Chocolate lovers can partake in their CHOCOLATE HAZELNUT or even KIT KAT, and top it off, with whatever you deem fit for a tantalizing taste.
While their Yogurt offers a unique taste to your palette, their BELGIAN WAFFLE STICKS are no less. We tried their plate of 2, with one being NUTELLA with an ALMOND CRUNCH, and the other BLUEBERRY with CREAM CHEESE, fittingly appropriate for a diverse palette!
Decked up in all White & Blue, YOGURTBAY indeed offers a glorious change in the city for everyone to dig in. Cheers.
Address: YOGURTBAY, Shop 7, Galaxy Bazaar Complex, Gurukul-Vastrapur Road, opp. Himalaya Mall, Ahmedabad.
Contact: +91-8530543242
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