Your Car deserves that special care

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A man is known by the way he keeps his car (and a woman known by the way she drives, wink wink). What so ever the case, your car is the epicentre of things.

Your car is just not a vehicle for commuting but then we bet, it’s more than that. It’s your hard earned money that you have spent after much a deliberation and a lot of googling around on various brands and then choosing that one brand and model. After many of those brain days you than choose that one piece of beauty that will elevate yours and your family’s happiness to a whole new level.

So if it’s that much of a story behind the four wheels, do we today give it much of the deserved importance or attention? Mostly a big NO.  Just by paying your car cleaning guy a monthly salary and washing your car doesn’t qualify you in that elite club of people who love their car.

Now, what do you do? Call 9825003282 and let the experts assist you.

Sheth Cars Spa is that one stop solution for all your car care needs. Let it be those dirty interiors or that dull faded car paint, hairline scratches or engine cleaning, all your queries and concerns about your car will be addressed here.

Wanna know all details? Well, here is what your car will undergo:

1. Interior Cleaning - Dry vacuuming all interiors, Shampoo wash all interiors(Doors, Dashboard, Seat cover, Floor Carpet, Mattings, Roof), A.C vents cleaning, all rubber beadings Cleaning, vinyl conditioner all interiors, ozone treatment for clean up all odour.  

2. Exterior Cleaning - Pressure wash, Shampoo wash, All rubber beadings cleaning, Engine wash & Polish, Tyre wash & Polish, Vinyl conditioner all rubber beadings.

3. Teflon Coating - Cleaning with Glay for clear all roughness, Diamond Cut Polish to Remove Hairline Scratches and to Protect a exterior paint, Wax polish to Recover exterior body shine.

4. Other Services - Head light Restoration, Underbody Coating, Antiglare Glass Treatment.


Address:- 20-28, Cellar, Rivera Arcade, Nr. Prahladnagar Garden, 100ft. Road, Satellite | Contact Number :- 9825003282


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