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What does it take to make Zanzeer yet again? It’s like asking will India be lucky enough to get yet another Big B? No, don’t even guess.

If the movie was named something else, if there was no hype around remake of Zanzeer, if there was more logic in the movie … (For God’s sake, let’s stop giving ourselves the excuse ‘leave your brain at home, when you watch masala movie’), if the useless pathetic songs were removed, if the first one didn’t feature Big B (there would have been no remake then), the movie could have possibly been better; but then that’s too much of ‘ifs’ & expectations! The story is, as guessed, similar to the legendary movie, but as guessed again, nothing else can be compared.

Don’t just go by above, the movie is not that bad or intolerable. The movie delivers when it comes to good masala action. I only wonder why did talents like Mahie & Atul got interested in getting ‘featured’. I mean weren’t they supposed to act or make an impression or something like that? Ram Charan? Yes, the guy is good. Seriously. Pulls off his role pretty well – angry, stylish yet subtle, macho, non-romantic. Priyanka? Ya, ok, she was in the movie too. The movie lacks script (interesting? Since when do we need a script for a remake?)& direction, misses out on logic at a few places, exaggerates a few scenes, but still survives with its action scenes. And is that big enough a reason to watch?

The movie starts in James Bondish style with scantily dressed oil-dipped phoren girl dancing & playing with a zanzeer while a guy (supposedly RamCharan) does some weird moves with different weapons while hiding his face under a mask for reasons only he could understand. Cut to a scene in Hyderabad where a corrupt Minister is based by Ram. Ram is transferred to Mumbai, where he comes across the Oil Mafia, meets Sanjay, falls in love with Priyanka (the eye witness of a murder) and finally kills the villain.

So overall? Well, go watch it – you would have watched it anyways. Given the kind of movies, Bollywood keeps churning out, well, mostly, you don’t have much of an option anyways.

Half of five Shors!

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