ZERO GRAVITY now serves up delectable multi-cuisine fare!

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They say that there is no love sincerer than the love for food and there’s one café/lounge/restaurant in the city that epitomises this saying to the utmost. Presenting to you an all new terrace café and hang out joint extraordinaire: Zero Gravity Cafe!

An exemplary space located in the heart of the city that now whips up delicious food for us amdavadis to delve in; this one has impressed us with its offerings like just a few others in the town! Read on to find out what it is that places this joint a notch above the rest of its counterparts.

Whether you want to watch a football match with your friends, play table tennis for hours at a stretch, partake in awesome conversations over yummilicious shakes and food or just gaze out at the ever-bustling city centre and the tiny rays of sunlight peeping through the shades; nothing beats ZERO GRAVITY’s almost idiosyncratic, lush green and truly effervescent ambiance. The quirky posters, wall art and more will surely keep you hooked till you wait for the food and the entire experience of it will make this place your second home.

Now there are a lot of lounges and cafes in the city that provide an eclectic ambiance to spend some quality time with your friends in; but very few that satiate your hunger cravings to the fullest. Which is where Zero Gravity becomes a clear winner. From A to Z, their menu features some of the most loved and the most novel options for you to gorge on. 
From their earthy KIWI JUNGLE to a delicious concoction of Kiwi, Strawberry and Cranberry called AN EVENING IN PARIS; each of the beverages are on point and perfect for the coming summers.

Their food is as eclectic as the place itself right from the first glimpse and manages to make us love it more with every next bite. Including some novel names like COTTAGE CHEESE PINOLE with scrumptious sweet-savoury sauce, GUJARATI DUMPLINGS which is their own in-house twist on dalwada batter and HUNGER COTTAGE CHEESE that includes dollops of spinach induced rice, green gravy, baby corn, zucchini and fried cottage cheese, every food dish packs a punch of flavour and originality; just what the city was missing. Be it their delicious VEG PANINI served right out of the grill with spicy mayo or their own special creation MASALA FRENCH FRIES; everything is bound to make you squeal with excitement and roll your eyes back with joy.

Host your intimate gatherings here or just come alone to feast your stomach and soul but make a promise right now to visit here ASAP. MUCH RECOMMENDED. Share your experiences in the comments below with us!


Address: Top floor, Swapnil 5, Commerce Six roads, Navrangpura,Ahmedabad. 
Phone: 09574940509

Tags: ZERO GRAVITY now serves up delectable multi-cuisine fare!

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