Zindagi 50-50 Movie Review

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The best part about being a movie-reviewer is also the worst part – you HAVE to watch every movie, even if they are not worth it! And ya, you cannot be biased beforehand.

So, well, after lot of convincing myself, one aloo-paratha, two cups of tea, I drove to Rajhans (heard of this theatre?) to watch Zindagi 50-50. To begin with, it’s not at all about anything being 50-50; it’s 100/100 poorly directed movie with bad dialogues and a story with no head-toe.

We have the Mr Lost Talented Rajpal Yadav in a loose-character as aspiring Casanova, Veena in an even a loose-r character as sex worker, Riya Sen in a bad mood as aspiring actress, Arya Babbar as aspiring Director and a Rickshaw driver as aspiring “House-Owner”. The movie revolves around everybody separately with no tangent and you fail to understand why a particular scene is shown or overly overly stretched for no reason at all; why cuss words are being used; you don’t understand why Rickshawwala’s wife has to COMPULSORILY sleep with a government officer to win a house so that her husband doesn’t hang himself to death; what is Veena doing in the movie anyways except advertising a condom brand … Overall, you don’t understand anything. Or let’s put it this way – at least I didn’t understand anything.

Sorry people, call it my lack of creativity – this movie is not worth writing more about.

Rating : 1 / 5

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