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No matter how many joints make a pseudo claim of serving 'home made' food, hardly anyone lives upto them but, MADHVI PARIMOO running ZOON - THE KASHMIRI KITCHEN breaks the norms with her Outstanding ‘home cooked’ KASHMIRI FOOD takeaway.
To place an order, you can call her on 9428503236.
A heads up you need to place your order 2 days in advance but, the wait is definitely worth it.

You order your food in kilos and in case you are wondering as to how it sounds - "I would like 1 kg of Mutton Roganjosh". Just about every serving of hers is to be gorged onto. Right from her;

MUTTON ROGANJOSH - The quality of meat used in the Roganjosh is superb and it simply falls off the bone and the gravy? Robust & Dark - perfect to the core for, the merger of cardamom, cumin, saffron and onion lead to a very unique flavour. Any establishment that states a dish with the same name, is pale in comparision. Throw your diet for a toss if you partake in one for, this meal is worth every calorie. Eating in silence is the only thing that we would recommend.

DUM KOKUR (Chicken) - At par with the Roganjosh for the ones who prefer Chicken. Marinated in Kashmiri spices, the offering is succulent and tender, with just the right hint of spice.

TSOK WANGUN (Kashmiri Brinjal) - Delicious and almost elegant in taste. A delight for vegetarians for the dish offers a combinations of spicy & sour.

CHAMAN PANEER - The spicy and sinfully delicious Kashmiri dish is every paneer lover's dream. Slow cooked with spices leading to a rich, brown gravy.

MUTTON KOFTA MATS - The texture of the kofta was so soft with lightly flavoured lamb meat, pounded to perfection. Mix the gravy with simply white rice and you are good to go.

Each dish is slow cooked till maximum flavour has been extracted, leading to meal that should be that is best had with the hand, rather than cutlery.

The micro-managing skills of Madhvi are worth a note as well for, she procures fresh meat and prepares everything by hand. Men can no doubt cook but, if you want to elevate your experience to a level beyond then, you need a woman and she speaks with such a passion for preserving Kashmiri cuisine and that the simplest of ingredients can cook up the most delicious of dishes for you to take home. Cheers.

Contact: 9428503236

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