ZUCCHINI opens in the city

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Bringing forth their freshest take on Ahmedabad's Food Industry, ZUCCHINI opens up in the city! Elegantly decorated with a fine-dining ambiance, ZUCCHINI is a wonderful place to start your Indian-Italian Food Journey, serving the mainstays of the ever-so-lovely cuisine; All at Shivalik 3, besides Barbecue Nation, Drive in Road.

We evaluate a restaurant’s ambiance, considering first impressions. What message is the restaurant trying to convey? Is it a dive? A homey, country-style kitchen? An upscale, chic restaurant? When we are finished with our meal, we decide whether the restaurant has succeeded in its intentions.
There's a German word "gemütlich" which translates as cozy, comfortable, pleasant. We want to feel that – a sense of contentment, a true emotional fit. Well, the most apt word for the ambiance at ZUCCHINI is "gemütlich".

With their subtle, soothing colors on the seating under yellow lights contrasting with a segment of off-beat wall textures one feels allured while dining on their satisfactory food.

ZUCCHINI isn't just offering a delicious meal; they're offering an entire experience for their guests. Food is the cornerstone of their restaurant, but the ambiance feature plays just as important a role. You can just as easily stay home, order in, or cook your own meals. But you go out to eat to more than just simply satisfy hunger. You crave something more, a reason to leave the house. It’s called “atmosphere” which is ever-so-present.

With the restaurant already up and running, make sure you head down to ZUCCHINI ekdum fatafat, for a "gemütlich" escapade from your routine schedule. Cheers.

Address: Shivalik 3, besides Barbecue Nation, Drive in Road, Ahmedabad.

Contact: 079-48009925

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