Chef Kotak of The Rasoi Show has Launched a New Restaurant!

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At a time when we are smitten by the Masterchef series and our palette keeps demanding more, here comes a luxurious fine dining place that sets itself a class apart from the rest - The Secret Kitchen!

It goes without saying that the chefs being featured regularly on The Rasoi Show,  a very popular TV show being aired on Colors Gujarati every day (earlier being aired on ETV Gujarati) are hugely popular and have a huge fan following. One of these chefs, is Chef Aanal Kotak who is known for her innovative dishes and for taking inspiration from the simple things of life. A countless number of women would have at some point in time or other tried to cook or present a dish the way Chef Kotak does. 

To the joy of Barodians, Chef Aanal Kotak has now opened up her own signature restaurant in the bustling Chakli Circle area of the city. Situated up on the 2nd floor of the New Emerald building, The Secret Kitchen is Chef Aanal Kotak’s exclusive fine dining restaurant that is sure to entice everyone. 

The first thing one notices upon entering the restaurant is the classy interiors. It is quite visible that the team has spent significant effort in making sure the place looks elegant, adding to the experience of having a meal there. They have an open kitchen set-up, where one can view the happenings in the kitchen from their table. They also have secluded seating area closer to the entrance but away from the rest of the seating area, which is good for a group of people or just a couple wanting to spend some good time together. The seating is comfortable and cosy. 

The menu for the restaurant also resembles a work of art. Each dish listed in it comes with a description of how the chef invented the particular dish and added her special touch to it. One is spoilt for options for sure, everything sounds just too delicious to be able to make up your mind as to what you would want to have. 

The cutlery is quite heavy and extravagant, quite fit for royalty. The staff is well trained and skilled with serving. I always maintain that good service has to be so efficient and effective that it is invisible. You will never realize when your glass of water got empty, because it got refilled before you noticed it. You shouldn’t have to wait for your next course and kill the appetite in the process, or stretch out to get second helpings, the staff should notice this before you do. And The Secret Kitchen has that.

Being a huge fan of Mexican cuisine, I ordered a Mexican platter to start with, and ordered a garlic naan with a green cheese butter masala for the main course. 

The presentation of every dish is exemplary. It definitely reminds you all those dishes that were so breathtakingly plated on Masterchef, that you would sometimes be scared to even touch it, lest you spoil its beauty. The Mexican Platter had a portion of Mexican rice, small cocktail tacos with generous fillings, and a crispy nachos mix served with veggies, beans and cheese inside a wine glass. And it tasted just as good as it looked. Of all the three things on the platter, the nachos mix was the best. For a city that lacks good options for Mexican cuisine, this Mexican Platter is highly welcome. 

The garlic naan came shaped like a fresh lotus in bloom in a big bread basket. The green cheese butter masala was said to be Chef Kotak’s twist on the classic staple of the Punjabi restaurant menu with an addition of spinach and chosen spices. It was served a shallow plate with a skewer of barbecued potatoes hanging on top. The gravy was loaded with cheese cubes, and one could taste the refreshing punch of garlic in it. The naan was soft and also had a nice strong garlic flavour. 

Overall, it is an exquisite fine dining experience I had dining at The Secret Kitchen. It is quite pricey for a restaurant, I can’t deny that, but if it is a luxurious fancy experience you are looking for, or you want to leave a very good impression on your boss or your guests, bring them here. 

Author and Picture Credit: Bhavi Patel

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