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Remember those school days when we used to learn about all those scientists and their experiments. Not all of us enjoyed doing those experiments and memorizing them for exams. But Vadodara, here are some experiments that you are sure to enjoy. There’s a new milk shake joint in town – Edison’s Experiments with Milk which has some cool new flavours for you. 

The menu has the milk shakes organized by categories – Classic shakes, Premium shakes, Super premium shakes, Fruit shakes, Healthy shakes and Freak shakes. There’s also a host of French fries they offer. 

I chose to have a Movie Time milkshake and a Red velvet Freak shake. The Movie Time shake has popcorn and caramel in it in a creamy milk base. This is a delicious combination for all pop corn lovers. After all, why should one always eat popcorn when you can sip it with a straw too! It is not overly sweet, and is perfectly balanced for a great experience. 

The Red Velvet Freak Shake looked delicious. Red Velvet is generally a light cocoa-based flavour where the red colour is formed by the reaction of acidic vinegar and buttermilk, giving it a slightly tart and unique flavour. We don’t usually imagine Red Velvet to be associated with strawberry at all. However, Edison’s Experiments with Milk has come up with its own take on Red Velvet and serves this amazing rich strawberry freak shake, topped with cream, drizzled with strawberry sauce, and a piece of authentic red velvet cake. For people who do not enjoy strawberry, or like but can’t take a freak shake volume of it, this one isn’t for you and it would be better to choose something else. This is not an actual ‘Red Velvet’ in its true sense, so it would come as a big disappointment for Red Velvet fans. But for strawberry lovers or for people who are open to try something new, this freak shake would be a good try. It is loaded with yummy ingredients and tastes as delicious as beautiful it looks. 

Interestingly, Edison’s serves its milk shakes in cute glass bottles which you can take home with you as souvenir and re-use. 
With the temperatures rising as winter bids adieu, this is a perfect hangout to just chill and enjoy something other than the usual sodas and ice teas. Go enjoy some milkshakes, today!

Address: 17, Ground Floor, Trivia Complex, Natubhai Circle, Abhishek Colony, Vadiwadi, Vadodara
Contact: 08057208528

Written by: Bhavi M Patel

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