Have You Locked Yourself Up at this Jail-Themed Cafe Yet?

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Walk in through a very bollywood-style jail gate of the Cafe Appetito in the youth hub of Vadodara – Faehgunj and find yourself in the middle of an Agrezo ke zamaane ka jail minus the khadoos jailor. Each table is housed in a separate jail, complete with numbers. Slide out the latch and seat yourself in a jail of your choice and get latched in again. The orders are taken and served through the jail gates, and you can have all the run behind the bars, quite literally. 

The ambiance is quite reflective of all the jails we have seen in bollywood movies – with the engraved graffiti on the wall, the worn out bricks, the broken portions of the wall, and the black bars of the jail everything. It is air-conditioned though, so not to worry about the heat. The Cafe Appetito has many other branches across the city, but this jail themed is a first of sorts. 

The cafe offers the variety of vegetarian snacks and beverages that most of us dig for – burgers, hot dog rolls, sandwiches, pastas, Maggie, coffees, ice teas, etc. I ordered a veg cheese burger with a passion pineapple mocktail. The mocktail was refreshing the sweet and tart flavours of pineapple and passion fruit coupled with the bubbly soda. The burger was glazed with butter on top, which made it all the more delicious, besides having veggie toppings, a crisp veg patty and cheese. The food and the mocktail were super awesome, and I enjoyed every bite of it. The ambiance made it all the more funky to have the food. 

The staff is very prompt with their service, and they listen patiently, besides being helpful and warm. I had requested my burger to be made without bell peppers and the staff went over to the kitchen, checked if it was possible, and confirmed back that it would be done. He also checked if I would like the mocktail with the food or before the food. 

Overall, my experience at the jail-themed Cafe Appetito was a novel one, and I enjoyed every moment of it. I would definitely visit again and recommend it to everyone to visit. It is a good funky concept, with good food and a merry ambiance. 


Address: Shop No. GF-10, Saffron Complex, Fatehgunj, Vadodara, Gujarat 390002
Contact: 090996 64544

Author Credit: Bhavi Patel

Picture Credit: Bhavi Patel | Dhruvin Kansagra


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