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Bubble tea is a new sensation that has taken the world by storm. These are refreshing flavoured fruit teas and milk teas served cold or hot with natural tapioca balls in them. It’s a quirky and healthy drink available in lots of flavours of both the teas and the bubbles. Bubble tea originated in Taiwan and has now made it the menus of a lot of chic places – be it high-end Asian restaurants of casual cafes. Dr. Bubbles has been a specialist in the field of bubble teas and bubble waffles for quite some time now and this awesome place has now come to Vadodara. 

Dr. Bubbles makes its bubble teas with a base of green tea, black tea, red tea or white tea all of which are rich in antioxidants, infusing them with natural fruit flavours. Their milk teas tend to edge towards milkshakes and are very healthy and delicious. 
I tried a Pineapple fruit tea with Blueberry bubbles, and paired it with a Tiramisu Bubble Waffle. 

The tea comes layered with a layer of bubbles at the bottom, then ice and the fruit tea poured over it. And, every sip of it is so heavenly that you can just never get enough of it. The tea is loaded with fruit flavour, in my case, pineapple. And the bubbles (boba) at the bottom pack a super fruit punch. The moment the bubbles burst in your mouth they burst with flavour. You can mix and match to choose your own fruit tea flavour and pair with bobas (bubbles) or jelly of your choice. 

The bubble waffle is one of the specialities of Dr. Bubbles, apart from their bubble teas and milk shakes. Normal waffles have deep pockets inside which will hold the toppings and are made when the waffle cooks in the waffle iron. Bubble waffles are special waffles with big bubbles on their surface layered with chocolate inside. These waffles are rolled into a cone, and two scoops of ice cream and stuffed inside. This is then topped with dollops of whipped cream, chocolate chips and sprinkles. The bubble waffles look so beautiful and delicious that there is just no way you can resist having it. Plus, it is a very unique waffle, there is no other outlet that serves such a waffle. 

The tiramisu waffle was finger-licking awesome. Each bite is loaded with delicious creaminess. The waffles are soft and fluffy. The toppings are generous. The warmth of the waffle against the cool ice cream feels amazing as you take a spoonful in. There is coffee, there’s chocolate, there’s vanilla and oodles of yummy-ness in this delight wrapped in a cup. If you find waffles delicious, bubble waffles takes waffle love to an all new level altogether. 

Dr. Bubbles is an absolute must have for everyone. If you haven’t tried it already, what are you waiting for?

Address: GF-5, Gangotri Icon, Opposite Gokul Party Plot, Near Nilamber Circle, Saiyed Vasna Road, Vadodara

Contact: +91-9978619181

Written By: Bhavi Patel

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