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As soon as you reach VIBES The Bistro, you know that the location of the café is beautiful. Located on the Vasna Road, right on the road side, the café is spacious and gets enough of natural light making it look extremely vibrant. Almost all the contemporary cafes that I visit have an interior which has the same rustic feel, using the old, used pieces of furniture and turning it into new but Vibes the Bistro has worked very ardently on its interior making it look a class apart.

The menu of the café had me in a fix since I had rarely seen a café with such a huge variety of items. Thank god I had a company with me, so we could order enough to know the best of both veg and non-veg. We tried mocktails first by ordering Atomic Cat and American Sun Side. Atomic Cat has a dominant orange flavor to it and it tasted decent. American Sun Side came in this cute jar which was really tasteful and was also quite filling.

Next, we tried the Happy Man Burger (veg) and Rockstar Burger (non-veg). Happy Man Burger had mushroom and cottage cheese along with herbs and spices. It tasted delicious and had the right amount of filling inside. The bread were fresh and soft and we were told that they are baked by the café. The Rockstar Burger, rightly so is considered to be one of the best items of the café which has pulled chicken, wiith bbq sauce, grilled onion, mayo and cheese.

Now we wanted to try something crunchy so after a lot of discussions and goofing around we decided to try Tostones. It comes in three varieties, (veg, chicken and prawns) we ordered veg. Tostones did not disappoint us; the plantains were fried to perfection with the tasty toppings of tomato, olives, jalapenos, basil, and cheese.

Next on the menu was Mornay Pasta and Fish n Chips. Mornay Pasta (veg) is pasta tossed in crushed peppers cream and cheesy sauce. The pasta came with garlic bread which was baked perfectly and was crunchy enough to be had with the pasta. Fish n chips made with corn crumbled fish fillet with French fries and tartar sauce was absolutely a treat! Special mentions for the French fries which were the tastiest that I have ever tasted anywhere and the amount of creativity and energy that is put into style the food before they are served to you! It shows that the café owners are putting in some real effort to give the best experience to its customers.

And lastly, we tried the cappuccino which obviously did not disappoint a bit too. Vibes the Bistro, as grand as it looks from the inside has someone great in the kitchen area too who is going to serve you with some delicious food! I highly recommend you to try the Rockstar Burger and Fish n Chips among all the items that we tried.

Address – 101, Aries Pavillion, Shobhanagar Society, Vasna Road, Diwalipura, Vadodara.
Phone number - 7984582739

Author Credit: Karan Bhatt

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