Sip 100 Flavours of Tea at the All New Tea Villa Cafe!

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Coming from foodieland of Mumbai, the Tea Villa Cafe has opened up in the hub of all cafes and restaurants in Vadodara – Atlantis K10 at Genda Circle. The place has amazing vibes from the moment you get ushered in at the door. The place is super happening with awesome interiors and a well curated menu for both the teas and the food. 

The tea menu offers more than 100 varieties of tea, encompassing all possible teas one could imagine, be it white teas, black teas, green teas, herbal teas, rooibos teas, fruit tisanes, everything. This place is sure to spoil you for options and it becomes really difficult to select one tea, for sure. 

For the food menu, there are a wide variety of cuisines at offer. From sandwiches and burgers to risottos and pastas, Lebanese food, sizzlers, Asian cuisine, oven fresh pizzas, bagels, waffles, dim sums and so much more. Tea Villa Cafe offers so many types of food that there is something for everyone here. 

I ordered a Blood Orange Herbal Tea blend. This juicy, citrus tea blend is covered with vanilla, orange and lemon flavours that they say take you on a journey all around the world. It contains South African Rooibos, Florida Orange Peel, Egyptian Hibiscus, Chinese Safflowers and an awesome combination of sweet and citrus flavours. The menu dares you to try to have just one cup, and I completely agree with them, it is difficult to stop yourself with just one cup. When you order a tea, the attendant will bring you a kettle of hot water or milk (depending on what is the base for your selected tea), and a glass tea-cup with saucer, along with a sand clock (hour glass) for the requisite time of steeping that particular tea needs. They will open the sachet of tea after showing it to you and getting a confirmation from you. They will pour in the contents of the sachet into the filter of the kettle, give it a swirl and then start the timer sand clock. The tea should be ready to drink once the sand clock stops. My blood orange herbal tea turned out to be just the right choice for me after a long day at work. A flavour is a result of aroma plus taste. This tea plays more on the aroma part of the flavour to give out the citrus flavours. The tea is not sour, not at all, it is mildly sweet, with strong vanilla undertones, but the aroma is a refreshing citrus. Loved this tea to the last sip. One kettle full of tea can easily serve 2-3 cups. 

For food, I ordered a bowl of Pad Thai Noodles and a plate of Enchiladas. The Pad Thai Noodles were well cooked, moist with a generous load of vegetables like broccoli, zucchini, baby corn and the like, and was topped with roasted peanuts giving it a perfect burst of all Asian flavours. The noodles in themselves are quite filling. 

The enchiladas are served with a side of sour cream and salsa. One can see the different layers of the enchiladas in every bite. It tastes really great, and I thoroughly enjoyed having them. Plus, the citrus and sweet flavours of the Blood Orange Herbal Blend Tea went very well with the flavours of the Pad Thai Noodles as well as the Enchiladas. 

The service is great, the staff is very warm and very, very friendly. A visit to this place promises to be all smiles. A must visit, and get lost in the world of teas. They do serve coffees too, though for having tea is not everybody’s cup of tea. 

Address: GF-08 Atlantis K10, Shree Vikram Sarabhai Marg, Opposite Vadodara Central, Genda Circle, Vadiwadi, Vadodara, Gujarat 390023
Contact: 080808 50000


Reviewed By: Bhavi Patel

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