Surrender to Sattvik Meals at the All New Aadi Ityaadi!

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Aadi Ityaadi, a sattvik meal concept kitchen serving all vegetarian delights has opened up where the erstwhile funky restaurant Machu Pichu existed. 

The restaurant offers a contemporary menu featuring traditional specialties, combos, snacks, desserts, quick meals and beverages. The restaurant is a ‘self-service’ place, all the orders need to be placed, paid for and collected on your own from the counter. The interiors are minimalistic, modern and spacious. You can see the kitchen across the glass barrier, but the air is not heavy with the aromas of the food cooking inside, having a fresh feel to it. 

The menu sees a significant dominance of Rajasthani cuisine with dishes like gattey ki subzi, daal baati, sindhi kadhi, etc. There are a wide range of chaats on offer too. The service counter is quick to bring in the dishes, and the portion sizes are about sufficient for a single person. 

The first thing I tried was the aloo tikki chaat. It is very similar to the local delicacy of ragda patties, but quite on the milder side with regards to the masalas and the rock salt that goes into it. Served in a mild broth of kabuli chanas, complete with the mild tang of tamarind chutney, the chaat was good. 

The next thing I tried was the rajma chawal. Rich and creamy, without the oil and much milder on the spices front, accompanied with a black pepper papad, tomatoes, onion, sweet lime pickle and a garlic paste chutney, this is an indulgence in the sattvik world, making for a good tummy filler. 

Next up was a spinach pulao with masala curd raita. The pulao lacks the veggies and is bright green with the spinach. The pulao is very mild as is the raita. It looks beautiful and is quite delicious too. 

Accompanying my meal was a lemon ginger soda, served in cute ‘pop’ cottles, with great flavours bubbling in every sip. 
Most of us these days have gotten so used to all the fiery and chatakedar foods being dished out for us, especially when we eat out, that Aadi Ityaadi is a welcome change for the palette. Most of the meals are priced between Rs.150 to 175, while the snack items range from Rs. 50 to 80, making it a good value for money experience. 

Even for people who are detoxing out, this restaurant is a good option to have all the delights without loading your system with the super spicy and acidity-causing stuff. For people who already have or can cultivate the palette for this one, Aadi Ityaadi will be the ‘Aadi Ityaadi’ of their eating out trips. 

Address: Ground floor 1, Bihari Apartment, near Welcom Hotel, alkapuri, Vadodara, Gujarat 390007
Contact: 089800 13770

Author and Picture Credit: Bhavi Patel

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