Take the Road to Jarwani before the Rain God Bids Adieu!

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At the surface of it, Gujarat might just seem to lack good weekend getaways. Except, of course, the obvious one's Daman-Diu, Mt. Abu, Udaipur and Saputara. However, if you dig the geography of the state, you are sure to get stunned by the beauty that nature has blessed Gujarat with. Especially in monsoon, the aesthetics of few interior places in Gujarat goes to the next level.

One such place is a tinsel little village Jarwani. Nestled perfectly between Rajpipla and Kevadiya Colony, Jarwani becomes and abode for wildlife, pristine river streams and jaw droppingly beautiful waterfall in monsoon. Mind you, we aren't exaggerating even an inch when we use the adjective 'jaw-drooping' here.

This place is yet to be touched by any urban developments, that's precisely what makes it worth the visit. However, before we get to the basic check list of itineraries, we want you to assure that your legs are fully functioning before you visit Jarwani. As you need to trek the rocky path, several rocky streams and perhaps all of it along side the local cows and goats in order to actually get the glimpse of waterfall. Trust us, your legs are surely set to get acupunctured and at the end, it is all going to be worth the effort. No need to get frightened as the local boys will assist you through out the way. Bathing at the site is permissible but, only till certain limits. As you make your way up to the main village, you'll come across few nicely maintained cottages where in you can stay and get a hang of the rural life. The local organic food prepared by the localites here, is something you should definitely not miss!

An SUV vehicle is the best preferable mode of transportation in order to reach Jarwani. It is mandatory for tourists to get a permission and a ticket before he/she enters village. Entry gets shuts by 5 pm so make sure you are here before that.

What: Jarwani
Where: 70km away from Vadodara
Best available transport: By road/Personal vehicle. 
Accommodation facility: Yes. 
Entry: Through permission only
Check list: Gum boots, snacks, mosquito repellent cream, camera.

Author and Picture Credit: Vrunda R. Bhatt

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At the surface of it, Gujarat might just seem to lack good weekend getaways. Except,