This All New Fine Dine Restaurant Might Become Your Hog Spot

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Elysian means “relating to or characteristic of heaven or paradise”. This is what is written on the notebook thick menu of this amazing place called Elysian. It has a menu with so many pages, offering so, so many delights; that one would like to sit back and just take their own time to go through it. The beverages part itself runs into multiple pages and that includes teas, hot coffees, cold coffees, ice teas, mocktails, juices, sangrias, martinis, margaritas, and so much more; all non-alcoholic. Each dish more tempting than the others, you would definitely be spoilt for choices. 

Consulting the maître d'hôtel, I found out they strongly recommend the broccoli & almond soup in their vegetarian soups menu and the Dahi ke Sholay starter from their vegetarian starters menu. They offer very good non-vegetarian fare too, but me being a happy vegetarian, that’s what I stuck to. I ordered what I was recommended – the broccoli and almond soup, and Dahi ke Sholay. I assumed I would have enough appetite left after this to be able to squeeze in some main course, so I went ahead and ordered a Blueberry Sparkling Rose sangria, which though sounds like the perfect Friday night chill out drink, but was a completely non-alcoholic delicious soft beverage with a blast of flavours

The broccoli and almond soup was creamy. Most people don’t generally prefer broccoli, but this soup is so delicious that there is no way anybody could not like it. Loaded with almond slivers, this creamy soup is a great way to begin a great evening.Dahi ke Sholay, is one of the specialties of the restaurant. They are bread rolls, stuffed with special spices and hung curd fried crisp, served with onion slices marinated in yogurt and the classic coriander mint chutney. They are finger-licking delicious. 

The beverage – Blueberry Sparkling Rose Sangria, comes served in a tall glass, topped with slices of lime. It has flavours of blueberry and cranberry, topped with lime and lemonade, and ice. All this looks so beautiful, and it tastes just as good. A fruity accompaniment to a good meal. 

With these three things, I was already full and had no appetite left for the main course. The portion sizes are quite sufficient for two people. The place is a little pricey, but completely worth the experience offered in return. The ambiance is inspiring and elegant. 

We see a lot of restaurants where people come in a group and yet remained focused on their own things, but this is one environment which could inspire conversations, it’s quite warm and cozy, and even feels like a happening and inviting bar. The service is great. The staff is very warm and cordial, and they pay attention to every detail. 

By the time you reach the end of your meal here, you might already be planning your next visit!

Written by: Bhavi Patel

Picture Credit: Bhavi Patel

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