This New Pizzeria in Town, Serves by far the best Pizzas!

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“All you need is love, and some pizza…” 

Just near Baroda High School, Alkapuri, right beside the Alkapuri Club stands the hottest new pizzeria in town – New Yorkers Pizza, which serves the best pizzas I have had so far in the city in an ambiance that can give even the most elegant restaurants a run for their dinero…

The special thing about this pizzeria is that the ingredients for the pizzas are sourced from the very best of the farms, and they are super fresh. 

I ordered a Farm Crust pizza, which is a double treat for all pizza lovers, checking all the right boxes for everyone. Unlike the cheese stuffed or bland and doughy crusts, the Farm Crust Pizza at New Yorkers has Mozzarella cheese, olives, pickles and mushrooms rolled up in a dough pan ring around the base. Inside, the signature sun dried tomato sauce, mushrooms, caramelized onions, capsicums, and jalapenos sit tight to give an explosion of flavours in every bite, with the refreshing aroma of thyme and oregano. Also, the crust is infused with tomatoes and cheese, which gives it a unique flavour hard to find in any other pizzeria around. The pizza was so good, that I needed no additional sprinkle of oregano or chili flakes or even that ghastly squeeze of tomato ketchup on top. The toppings were generous and it is definitely a delicious indulgence to have. If you are two or three people together, go for a 12-incher, or for smaller appetites or a solo outing, choose an 8 incher. The pizzas are indeed quite filling. 
The pizzeria is a self-service place, but the staff is warm and courteous. 

The highlight, apart from the delicious food, is definitely the amazing ambiance. It is a cosy pizzeria, nestled among the trees, and especially in the rains, it makes for an amazing hang-out. Once in, you won’t feel like leaving for hours, wishing the conversations and the pizzas never end. 

Address: 42, Alkapuri Rd, Vishwas Colony, Alkapuri, Vadodara, Gujarat 390007

Phone: 081409 69808

Author and Picture Credit: Bhavi P

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