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Rolling Cones is a newly opened ice cream lounge in Vadodara, located near Trident Complex. They have a very different menu than any other ice cream parlour you would ever have been to before, featuring dishes like Smurf Ice cream on candy floss cloud, Pinacolada ice cream, pani puri sorbet, Chocolate Mac-and-Cheese, Yorkshire Pekoe with Caramel & Almond Soil, Choco Pops, etc. The list of ice creams and cold treats itself is so tempting that you just get drawn to it. 

I visited the Rolling Cones recently and tried out two of their treats – a pani puri sorbet for the eternal pani puri lover in me, and chocolate mac-and-cheese which I felt was an innovative concept. 

The pani puri sorbet essentially has the regular puris stuffed with the usual potato stuffing, all arranged around a cup of the minty sorbet. This sorbet has a flavour exactly like the minty spicy pani we have at our favourite pani puri ka thela. It comes with a syringe of tamarind chutney, which can pushed in to adjust how tangy you want the sorbet to be. Dose up the stuffed puris with the sorbet, and you are in for a spicy, minty, tangy treat; definitely not something you thought you cup of sorbet could ever turn out to be. 

Next came the Chocolate Mac-and-cheese. This features an elegant glass, containing a bed of macaroni covered in chocolate, topped with mixed herbs. On that goes a scoop of vanilla ice cream and finished with parmesan cheese shavings. If this itself didn’t make your mouth water, then the taste will definitely leave you exhilarated. I had a feeling that balancing the sweetness of vanilla and chocolate with the savoury nature of pasta could be tricky, and I prayed it wouldn’t be a blunder to order this. But I wasn’t. I was glad I ordered this. The flavours are balanced very well, such that no one ingredient overpowers the others. It is indeed an interesting dessert. 

Rolling Cones really has some great offerings for Barodians, and definitely, must not be missed. The ambiance is good, though it does tend to get noisy as it fills up. They have outdoor seating for those who enjoy the cool natural breeze more than the air conditioning. The service is quick and up to the mark. They have applied for a card swiping POS, but it was yet to be received by the outlet at the time of writing this, so you might want to carry sufficient cash when you visit.  Bon Appetit!

Author and Picture Credit: Bhavi Patel

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