2,00,000 Books across all Genres at Blossom Book House!

Suffering from Bibliobibuli- A disease where you read too much? Well then, here’s a store on Church Street which is a book lover’s paradise where whatever your heart throbs for and mind wishes for, will be discovered here. At Blossoms, the largest second hand bookstore in India; one can find over 200,000 books over all genres and for people from varied walks of life.
Blossom Book House was established in 2001 near MG Road, Bengaluru. This store was started with the idea of allowing people to casually stroll and purchase their choice of books through their one-of-a-kind barter system which is still followed today. But now, the original store of 200 sq ft has grown to a three-storey building. This famous book house is India’s largest and Bangalore’s best hub for readers. It has now opened to online orders and also a lot of e-firms like Flipkart are in contract with this place.

Walking in to a store filled with over 2 lakh plus books is nothing but the best feeling.   From the classic Tinkle comics to tombs, Sanskrit dictionaries, travelogues, rare comic books, charming collection of cookbooks, as well as books on gardening, management, and other subjects are found here. This place never comes up short on stock as every book has more than 3-4 copies, that have been maintainted throughout the years. 

Presently having opened up to more space, the brilliant tradition of trading your old book for another book at 50 % of its value makes this place more lucrative. IF you’re a devoted reader you can exchange your old books for new ones at Blossoms and go on and on until you reach your ‘Shakespeare goals’. You can profit on this experience without even having a ‘paid- membership’ which generally happens at other such stores and libraries. So by investing in one book, you indirectly become the owner  of the entire plethora of knowledge that is available.

 Reading one book is like eating a single potato chip; you just won’t settle for one .The books found here are of original print and surely 95% damage free (5% margin since they are second hand). The smell of the pages can just make you gaga and the feeling that just the time span of one life isn’t enough to cover this place is a common feeling for everyone who spends time here. Don’t laugh at the trolleys available at the entrance because one might just not be enough.

They say a vivid reader lives thousand lives. Well, all of this can start just with one book and end without buy with another one. So, don't keep calm and visit Blossoms Book House right away!

Author and Picture Credit: Tapan Alexander Menezes


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