A Luxury Pop-Up of Innovations that will WOW You!

Attributes: Clothing, Accessories, Exhibition, Bottoms/Trousers, Frocks/Gowns, Shirts, Jewellery, Blouses, Suits/Coats

Handcrafted teas, perfumes in flavours of ice-creams and all things nostalgic, chic minimalist fashion and bold jewellery is what this Friday-Saturday should be all about.

Head to Fervour on Lavelle road for a design showcase hosted by Barkha Ahuja, 12.pm onwards.

A sartorial romance with renowned artists and designers who innovate marvellously and bring to us a range that is truly irresistible. Fervour and Barkha Ahuja invite us for a specially curated design showcase featuring AM. I.T, NO.3 Clive Road, Shivan & Narresh, Saaksha & Kinni and many more. An insight on what to expect:

Shivan & Narresh offers 100% handcrafted stitch-free surfaced beachwear in 100% Italian fabrics and complementing resort wear for us to flaunt at the holidays. India's finest hand-blended teas and luxury stationery, No. 3 Clive Road will also be dropping in to give us an artisanal experience.

For the 1st time in Bangalore, we have AM.IT by Amit Aggarwal who surprises us with innovative weaves made of recycled plastic, industrial materials  and such. He redefines fantastic and kills the mundane. Capes, evening dresses, jackets, shirts and so much more from this label, we’ll be splurging rightly.
Bombay Perfumery  displays their super-fun array of perfumes each in flavours of cola, ice-creams and all smells that lure you in your everyday life. They’ve excelled and reinvented the art of perfumery, don’t forget to grab a scent that you’d kill for.

Also, embroidered-bold silhouettes with quirky cuts on capes, long skirts, cropped blouses is what you’ll find at Saaksha & Kinni; Shift showcases novelty classics and minimal pieces using sustainable materials and end of line fabrics.

All this, and so much more. Lie we said, although luxe it’s a romance for all the style-savvy lifestyle influencers out there.

Venue: Fervour, #118, Lavelle Road
Dates: 30th June, 1st July (Friday and Saturday)

Timings: 12p.m - 9p.m

For Inquiries: 9686452159

  • Written by Shreeya Bohra


Tags: A Luxury Pop-Up of Innovations that will WOW You!, Fervour, The Summer House.in, Bombay Perfumery, Saaksha and Kinni, Shivan & Narresh

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