A Revival of Traditional Arts, Culture at this Decor Store!

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Giving life to the dying art forms of India is a retail therapy outlet located in one of Bangalore’s oldest regions-Jayanagar! They believe in up cycling the old, disposed artifacts striving to spread awareness about diverse Indian cultures. Art speaks of the ethnicity of an area and at ‘Go Native’ a conscious effort is made to support local artists by giving them sufficient shelf space to showcase their art works.

The whole outlet runs on solar power thereby connecting with nature on a more innovative platform. The retail store has an endless number of items ranging from simple organic food products to sophisticated home décor items. Various brands across India have their products lined up for sale at this store. Organic tea by ‘teabox’, incense sticks by ‘the vedic company’, lifestyle accessories by ‘arture’, products by ‘just books’, ‘ekam’ and ‘the kishkinda trust’ can be found here. Everyday consumables like bar soaps, moisturizers, food spreads, muesli, coconut oil and pure coffee are also sold at premium prices.

The beautiful Chanapattna toys are now easily accessible for everyone in Bangalore! Organic food dyes adorn the handcrafted wooden toys and are a crowd favourite! Home décor products by ‘Purple Turtle’ also have a dedicated space in the store. They work closely with local artisans to bring the best to the public. Handmade banana fibre and paper lanterns, ceramic outdoor lights, wooden wind chimes, metal utensils, traditional iron boxes, up cycled goli soda bottles and intricate table lamps can be used to give your homes a new dimension!

Traditional handloom fabrics and Indo-western clothing are also available in various colours and styles. Accessories accentuating natural gems and pearls can be paired with any of your outfits! 

So, walk in, to surprise yourself and buy a product to do your bit in reviving the dying arts of India!

Address: #39, 10th Main Road, 5th Block, Jayanagar, Bangalore
Opening hours: 8 AM to 9:30 PM
Phone Numbers: 080 26642552, +91 9535527883

Author and Picture Credit: Vaishnavi KV


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