A Splendid splurge in Artistic Ceramic Jars at Gulmohar.

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Wouldn’t you concur when we tell you artistic, quirky designs are now just another store away? It feels like it, with so many stores popping up and delivering colourful, zany products. Exclusivity seems to be a myth!

But our most recent discovery, Gulmohar on Gangadhar Chetty Road, sure as hell, is exclusive and all things pretty. A unique and seamless blend of age-old art reinvented with modern designs, Gulmohar showcases intricate, beautiful and vibrant ceramic jars and bathroom accessories.

An all-white ensemble, made to lure the viewer, the store houses clothing and home decor products. The store had a lot of offer but, the display of ceramic jars promptly caught our attention. Rich in terms of design and colour, the work of fine craftsmanship, these jars would be a connoisseur’s delight.

A sundry of colours, shapes, textures and sizes; beautified even more with wooden and brass-wooden lids, for this is where we use the phrase ‘these babies sell themselves.

The cerulean blue lantern-like jar and the olive green coffee jar totally got our votes at first glance. These are so unique, simple and beautiful. We wouldn’t think before grabbing these home (and you’ll never know if we did). Also check out the mustard yellow jars with brass-wooden lid. It’s an absolute style creator.

You should already be on your way by now.

But let us continue and show you the others that we liked, for instance the intricately carved white and blue jars (a set of three) and the ivory white jars, flower vase with rich colourful patterns carved. Sophisticated is what they scream.
And the ardent red ones has had our hearts skipping every third beat.
Also check out the various hand-wash dispensers they showcase. We loved the one with a flower-cut, in dark beige and yellow. They’ve some in soothing yellow, wine, olive green and more in elementary, risk-free patterns.

Let us help you develop a taste for style and flair, be it on you or in your house. Find yourself at Gulmohar to begin your style journey or enhance it, with these splendid ceramic jars and accessories.

Address: 136, Gangadhar Chetty Road, Ulsoor.
Contact: 9901907257 / 9845044476

Find them on Facebook: Gulmohar Home and Clothing


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