Accentuate a liberal style affair at Cinnamon.

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There’s an age-old misconception that style can be achieved once you’re in a state where you can buy branded and expensive clothing, shoes and bags effortlessly.

That is a baloney!

Style is the science behind colours, the art of teaming together different structures and shapes, pattern play on fabrics, that and so much more. Style needs to be earned. It’s more science than a natural skill. But it’s highly influenced by your lifestyle and by your perception of yourself.

Cinnamon, at Gangadhar Chetty road, brings to you a range of exquisite fashion by distinctive designers like Pero, Vivek Narang, Mallika Mathur, Aavaran, Khoj, Aikeyah, Eka, Amrich and many others. All things pretty, all things defining style.

There are stores that you find yourself addicted to because of their collection, there are stores that become a habit because of the prices and there are stores that tempt you to an extent where you find yourself motivated to do so good in life that you can end up buying all of the things that you now can’t. Tucked away in a beautiful quaint colonial bungalow of Bangalore is this heavenly store called Cinnamon, that will tease your desires and make you want to spend every last penny you own to own all the gorgeousness.

We were in awe when we walked in. We can’t emphasise on how simple yet beautiful the place is. Undone bricks juxtaposed with white walls, wooden tables showcasing unique, designer lifestyle products, multiple other designer stores alongside and the lovely Courtyard Cafe attached to it describes it all.

The store's collection emphasises Indian design with a large selection of unique and quality fashion. It is deliberately and strikingly however, not a store for conventional Indian ethnic products. Catering to aesthetically driven class of people, every single piece at Cinnamon is handpicked. Each piece beautifully shows a reimagined and recontextualised blend traditional and contemporary clothing.

You’ll find alluring designs by Chirag Nainani on your left right when you enter. Absolutely wonderful silhouettes in shibori art. Think button down dresses, pleated full length frocks, overlapping cape inspired dresses, pants and more. And as you walk in you’ll also fall in love with the collection of Soham Dave, Peachoo and eka. The have wonderfully played with fabric manipulation on various prints and colours. You’ll find shades of white, grey, blue and baby-pink used a lot in all of these. (Serenity and Rose-gold are the colour pantone of 2016). Mulberry blue also houses a great range of contemporary ethnic wear in sheer silk.

We’ve picked out our favourites from all of these collection to give you an idea of what sort of collection can be expected here. It is, undoubtedly, only for the ones who have a taste for brilliant style. If you think you are that person, then you must definitely visit Cinnamon. We promise you, you will find yourself realising how important it is to dress impeccably. Cinnamon is your way in, the difference you can create in the fashion world is right here.

Address: 24, Gangadhar Chetty road, Bangalore.
Contact: 080 25367888

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