All Day Happiness on a Platter at PAVILION

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Defining All-Day dining in an entirely new avatar, PAVILION opens it's doors at Comfort Inn Insys, a 4-star boutique hotel.

Situated on the ground floor, is this shiny marble floored eatery that has a lot of elegance. Adhering to the tastes from various parts of the food world, the chef has managed to master it all. The bright ambiance and professional service is something to look forward to at this dine-in.

A splendid and satisfying Menu which offers a wide spread of soups, appetizers, Kebabs, Curries and Indian bread makes it considerably all the more enticing to eat them all. Getting right into what's best at this place is the perfectly spiced ‘Lung Fung' soup which is topped with well-cooked egg white and served with homemade bread and butter.

The starters are well presented and served with out-of the world unique dips that they have personally come up with. The crispy Veg-Croquets were crispy on the outside and well stuffed on the inside and served with awesome mint mayonnaise. The Chicken Satay comes all the way from the Singaporean cuisine and the chef has done it right. The meats are cooked perfectly with a well-balanced peanut dip. Also being served a nice homemade ‘Chicken –Caesar’ salad that was filled with creamy tossed crispy iceberg lettuce and chunky roasted chicken breasts.

Coming to the main course, from the East was the Thai Green Veg Gravy that a perfect balance of strong that flavour combined nicely with hot steamed rice. Then the Mutton Nalli Gosh was Spicy yet a strong red chilli flavour that takes your taste buds all the way to heaven. The chicken Steak with pepper sauce with a side boiled vegetables and mashed potato is a well-cooked dish that comes out perfectly and well flavoured.

The food experience ended with a bang with a very nice soft Red-velvet cream cake that just melts in your mouth as soon as you bite into it. The entire experience of dining here is not something to miss and always worth a second time. Pavilion surely is a classy place for the perfect celebration.

Author & Picture Credit: Tapan Alexander Menezes

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