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We live in digital age, where everything is just a click away. Whether it's clothing, food, furniture etc. But, still there is a major section of people, which prefer to shop in stores not online.

In the lush green side lanes of Indiranagar, there is a store- Decor Destination. This is a house that has been transformed into the store and each room has it’s unique interior setting, which gives the idea how well it will fit in to an actual home. The store showcases the aesthetic range of hard to find antique and modern home decor accents with the decent collection of furniture as well.

Wooden Furniture:

Decor Destination offers you wide variety of furniture, carved out from solid wood only (teak, sheesham and acacia). Bar cabinet, sideboards, bookshelves, classy tables & sofas etc. are available at affordable retail prices.

Home Adornments:

The store is carrying a unique amalgamation of traditional, contemporary and oriental home decor pieces and artifacts such as brass and wood statues, vases, lamps, candle stands, paintings, wall hangings, Tibetan wall masks etc. These artifacts are outsourced from different parts of the country and from countries like Nepal, Bali and Sri Lanka as well.

Gift items and Souvenirs:

Apart from home decor and furniture, Decor Destination also showcases the collection of pretty gift articles like mirrors, photo-frames, key chains, bookmarks, coasters and small figurines which are always in high demand and re-stocked according to the requirement.

With the success of their first store few months back, they have launched one more store in JP Nagar too.

So, bookmark the store and browse through their collection whenever you are around Indiranagar or JP Nagar.

Address: #715, 1st Main, 1st Stage, 1st Cross, Indiranagar, Bangalore-38
#546, 9th Cross, 3rd Phase, J P Nagar, Bangalore-78.

Contact: 080 4121 1044

Author and Picture Credit: Samixa Tarun Kumar

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