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What is a good meal? A piping hot soup, followed by an amazing entree, and a delicious appetizer, and lastly a tantalizing dessert! But, a great meal? An amazing dessert, followed by a more amazing dessert, followed by an even more dessert.
While ART OF DELIGHT, has always satiated the buds for people in or around Residency Road; their Koramangala outlet is what truly calls for a shoutout.

Presenting an array of goodies in a luxe avatar, ART OF DELIGHT stamps a big Check on all our boxes for, it not only serves you with amazing delicacies but, also manages to mesmerize us with it's aura and charm, that one needs to dwell in while hogging onto them.

When we made our way down, their array of fresh cheesecakes were the perfect start to this sweet journey. Be it the RED VELVET, NUTELLA-OREO or for that matter their version of the BLUEBERRY CHEESECAKE; served in quaint lil jars they are bound to satiate your love for them delicious crumb crusted cakes.
If you simply cannot get enough of the Oreo-Nutella combo then, don't miss out on trying their OREO-NUTELLA MACARONS that not only look delicious but, define the very word as well when you bite into one.

For a much more substantial 'dessert', let me tell you that ART OF DELIGHT can surely whip out some tasty Belgium waffles. Top it off with fresh mangoes and whipped cream, or with strawberries and a Nutella-White Chocolate ice cream; and feel yourself getting sucked into the sugary world that dreams are made of for, it is simply that good.

Chocolate aficionados need not shy way for, there is a CHOCOLATE SUPERIOR Sundae on their menu, rightly boasting of an extreme chocolate cake topped with scoops of Wayanad vanilla ice cream and white chocolate nutella, drizzled with roasted nuts, oreos, choco fudge and nutella.
Need we say more?

Now, now! You can stop drooling all over your screens for, you could always make your way down to ART OF DELIGHT, that has indeed established it's place in the city where you can get high on sugar. Cheers.

Timings: 12 noon to 11:30 pm (Open till 12:30 am on Fridays & Saturdays)

-Written by Siddharth Abichandani

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